Results from Las Vegas – 18 Black

18 Black finished up the weekend with 4 – 3 record.  The team finished 5th in Bronze.  This is 47th.  There were 223 teams in this age division.

Results from Adidas President’s Day in Kent, WA

18 Red had good learning experience and this weekend will help them with the next Power League.  16 Black finished the tournament with a 4-3 record finishing 5th in Gold, our second highest finish in Club.   16 Red finished with a 3-3 record finishing in the Bronze bracket.   14 Black finished the weekend record with a 3-4 record finishing in the Copper Division.

Results from CEVA President’s Day Tourney

16-3 White finished 45th and our 14-2 Red finished 31st out of 48 with a 4-4 record.  all of our teams had an opportunity to play a lot of volleyball in a short period of time.


Upcoming Trainings – from 5:15 to 7:00 PM

Tue. Feb. 17 –  No Training

Tue. Feb. 24 – Digging – All levels

Tue. Mar. 3 –   Back row attacks – 14s/16s

Tue. Mar 10 –  Combination attacks (front row players)


Monday          No Practices Tuesday          no Skills – coaches & TPR meeting Wednesday    Practices – team pics Thursday        Practices – team pics Friday             Gym set-up for the weekend (10P) Saturday        Tourney at the Hoop Sunday           Tourney at the Hoop
M   2/2     Team practices T    2/3     Skills / Boys / PAC practice W   2/4    Practices Th  2/5    Practices F    2/6    Set-up for the weekend S    2/7     PL 16s Su  2/8    PL 12s / 18s

12U Power League

12-1 Black at Chemeketa CC on Mar. 8

14U Power League

14-1 Black at the Courts in Beaverton on Feb. 28
14-2 Red at Western Oregon Univ. on Mar. 1
14-3 White at Lower Columbia College (WA) on Mar. 1
14-4 Blue at Blanchet HS on Mar. 1
14-5 Gold at Willamette Univ. on Mar. 1

16U Power League

16-1 PAC at the Courts in Beaverton on Mar. 7
16-1 Black at the Hoop on Mar. 7
16-2 Red at St. Helens HS on Mar. 7
16-3 White at the Albany Boys & Girls Club on Mar. 7

18U Power League

18-1 Black at the Hoop on Mar. 8
18-2 Red at the Courts Eastmoreland on Mar. 8

Picture Order Form

The form has been update and it is on the top menu on the first link.  Pictures are today from 5:30 to 8:00.  If you miss this one, we will schedule a re-take.